The Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson Plans to Shed Post-Baby Pounds

The buzz about baby Hank has dwindled, and we're back to news on his mother. Kendra Wilkinson, former star of The Girls Next Door, is getting ready to kick off the year with a new routine. It's all about keeping herself healthy this year, since she has to be there for her little boy more and more.

Given how she has her own reality series at hand, Kendra Wilkinson has to keep up appearances too. An update from her Twitter account and a report from OK! Magazine has unveiled the Playboy model's plans for the month, and things seem to be looking good for the celebrity.

"2 more wks til i get to hit it hard at the gym..and sex of course(IUD) ;D lol. yayy. hows everyone doin today?" she wrote.

Weight loss has always been on Kendra's mind, especially since she gave birth to Hank Baskett IV, who was found to be 9 lbs 5 ozs and 22 inches when born. His mother even shared some tips on dieting with the publication, revealing that staying healthy after pregnancy is something she's excited about. What's more, there's another trick she can't wait to try.

"I love salads, and sometimes I splurge on the fried chicken salad from Applebee's," Kendra explained. "I'm trying to cut out red meat. so for dinner I have grilled chicken -- I don't eat seafood -- and veggies. I don't like steamed vegetables. I like them raw."

As for her exercise plan, she claims she'll just enjoy herself with it. "When I get back to L.A., I'm all about hiking, biking and just going outside and having fun," she revealed. "I'm more of a two-days-per week gym person. I can't do more than that. I get really bored."

As for another trick she has up her sleeve, Kendra says the key is in breastfeeding. "The doctor told me you can burn up to 1,000 calories each time. Every time I pump, I'm like, 'Yes! That's a bunch of calories right there!'"

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