Lost: Jacob's Nemesis Returns (Plus That Sneaky Promo)

This should get us a bit more jumpy next week.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Titus Welliver, also known as the "man in black" on the last season finale of Lost, is returning to this season, which kicks off on February 2.

Expect an exploration on that little rivalry between him and Jacob--that centuries-long search for a loophole to commit murder, which ended when the nemesis assumed Locke's body and convinced Ben to kill Jacob. Expect the two to reunite, too, since Mark Pellegrino's also returning to Lost, as he's confirmed months before. Reports state he's doing at least six episodes.

Seems they're making the most out of the everything-goes-back-in-time plot point we've been expecting to see this year. But not really. Surely you've seen ABC sneak in new footage from this season on their latest promo, of Claire taking on Rousseau by, err, being Rousseau, or at least Rousseau-like?

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