'True Beauty' Recap: Grace Under Fire Season 2, Episode 3

Listening to criticism can be hard, but for one contestant on this week's True Beauty, it was the trigger that forced him to show his true colors. Taylor went off, shouting obscenities when a focus group called him boring, but was it enough to him booted off the show? Almost.

This week's challenge had the contestants conducting man-on-the-street interviews with the Las Vegas tourists. Not an easy job, especially since the writers added a couple of very difficult words to the script. But the real test came in the elevator on the way to the gig. Even though they were told not to look at the script ahead of time, all of the girls used the private elevator time to peek while none of the guys did. Not that cheating helped anyone. They all had a tricky time sounding upbeat and professional.

The biggest train wreck was Liz. She froze in front of the camera, constantly forgetting her questions and she wasn't at all sociable with the crowd. When a focus group screened the performances, she was given the lowest score out of everyone. Her only saving grace was that she didn't mouth off about the low marks. Taylor and David came in right behind her and David took the criticism like a man, earning him points with the judges, as did Erika, Amy, Michelle and Craig.

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