Strangely mysterious and mysteriously strange

Steven Seagal wasn't my favourite old-style action film actor. To me he always seemed like the fat kid in a gym (no offence) - just totally out of the place. Sorry Steven - you were definitely only 3rd place - at best...

But this film -- didn't change that at all.

It's still only mediocre. Story 3 out of 5, acting 3 out of 5, action 3 out of 5, effects 3 out of 5... I don't know, but why do they keep production stuff like that?

Maybe for its comical value, because that's the only bigger asset I could find. It's just fun watching all that mediocrity in combination with Seagal's strange standard mysterious setting. For all of you who haven't seen a movie with Steven yet: There is always a mystical element in it - most of the time one of total irrelevancy...

This time it's his girlfriend who always dreems of strange stuff and actually her only contribution to the film is uttering about that endlessly and how much she's worried. That of course adds much to the comedy of the film - accidentially of course.

So my conclusion: Mediocre action with unintentional comedy - worth watching of you haven't got anything better or like stuff like that.


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