Recap: "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, someone's shot, someone jumps off a building and Ryan gets a beat down - all in the opening sequence.

The shots of Eric and Calleigh getting ready for work in the morning are juxtaposed with shots of Ryan being tortured. He is told to do what they say or the Gantry boy will get hurt. Mark Gantry is Ryan's friend, the horse doctor, that walked away from dusting (giving cocaine to slow it down) one of the horses at the track that would have paid off a debt he owed to Sarnoff. Now Sarnoff is apparently out to get him. Last we saw he was leaving town with his son, but now they're back.

Exchange broker Ian Warner is shot in his office and the security guard shuts off the exits to the building. However, all the CSIs seem to think the killer went up. Ryan beats all the CSIs to the scene which means he's been released from his torturing captor to cover up the murder. Cynthia Lang, the victim's assistant, is questioned. The CSIs look for evidence and Ryan keeps a shell casing to himself.

Eric and Wolfe discuss where the jumper must have gone with all the cash he took out of the strong box from the office. They pinpoint where the parachuter must have landed and Eric finds a piece of the chute at the scene. DNA evidence leads them to Jim Colton.

"Is there any other way your DNA could have ended up on that parachute?" Wolfe asks Colton.

Colton says he packs chutes all the time and his hands are clean of gunpowder residue. Eric is mad because Ryan gave the guy an out though.

"Get your head in the case," warns Eric. Take that.

Back in the lab Ryan takes a piece from the shirt he was beaten in and examines it under the microscope. He finds sugar, but unfortunately there are a lot of sugar refineries in South Florida. That never stopped them before from finding a needle in a haystack, now did it? Mark Gantry calls Ryan and says he can't find Billy. Ryan tells him not to go after him because they will kill Billy if he does. Ryan needs to make the murder go away for the Russians before they will release Billy Gantry. Ryan tells a suspicious Calleigh he's missing a tooth because he had a crown made and the temporary fell out.

Ryan pulls up a print in the system that's from the security guard from the building. He secretly transfers it to one of the items from the area of the safe before Calleigh and Eric examine it. Eric finds a print match to Ben Porterson, the security guard Ryan just framed. Horatio joins the case and questions Ben. They find gunshot residue on his hands, and his gun is a 9 mm which matches that of the round recovered at the crime scene. They arrest him for the murder.

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