Revolution on-screen

This is in my opinion the most innovative Sci Fi story in the 20th century. I mean - there is Sci Fi action movies before The Matrix and there are Matrix copies after The Matrix. So far, there hasn't been any new concept in this field, that could be able to hold a candle to The Matrix.

This movie will definitely glue you to the screen. I enjoyed it - several times. Which is a really big compliment, because I normally hate to watch stuff more often than twice...

It has got everything a brilliant film needs:

A really great, intoxicating story; mystery; lots of bad guys that can't be killed; a hero with super powers; a philosophy; A.I; innovative and cool looking shots and filming techniques; etc. etc.

This film revolutionized not only Sci Fi stories, it also revolutionized the whole action genre. Before The Matrix bullet time was something only insiders knew. Now every 12-year-old can tell you what it is.

For me, this movie is Sci Fi and action history. Simply amazing.


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