30 Rock Season 4, Episode 5: "The Problem Solvers" - Recap

"The Robot" starts today on The Girlie Show and Liz is concerned. He was chosen by Jack out of hundreds of auditioners at near random to be the show's latest cast member. Is he talented? Maybe. Professional? Per chance. But on 30 Rock? Most likely not! Needless to say, there is apprehension in the air and amongst the cast.

Enter "Danny," a kind and wide-eyed former "street performer." Excited and thankful just to be on the set, Liz is taken aback. Could this guy be normal? Quite possibly. When Kenneth asks him what he will have for lunch, Danny even offers to pick up Kenneth's lunch. Needless to say, the page is flabbergasted.

Jack and Liz decide to take a dinner and the undertones (and overtones) are quite romantic finishing each others' sentences and all. I'm not sure, personally, how I feel about this. What do y'all think? If the show goes down this Jack-and-Liz-as-Lovers Road, I don't know if I can take the ride. Very strange to me. A good joke, yes. But for a seasonal arc? I'm concerned.

It comes up that Liz just may become the host of a new "That's a Dealbreaker" talk show. Needless to say, everyone, Jenna and Tracey included, have opinions on what she should do and who she should do it with. Bad advice from bad people does good comedy make! And because Jenna and Tracey are impressed with their own advice, they dub themselves self-proclaimed PROBLEM SOLVERS.

Liz takes the advice of the dummy duo and talks to Jack; she's not going to go into the "That's a Dealbreaker" venture with him. Instead, she's going to "take a couple of meetings." Maybe there's a better offer out there? Hmmm...Let's see where this goes!

Her first meeting is with a "junior agent," but he's anything but...and not in the good way. This guy is greener than the grass on the proverbial other side. He knows nothing; he knows no one! Not good, Liz. Not good.

Meanwhile, the "Problem Solvers" decide to help the new Danny. They tell him how to "use Kenneth, the under-human." Of course, Danny still has a soul, and he tries to instill upon them the reasons to be kind to others. This lesson in life strikes a cord in Tracey. Maybe Kenneth is a real person? Perhaps he can grow up and turn into someone as powerful as head of the network? Tracey has come undone and Jenna soon follows suit. In their eyes, the future perhaps projects Kenneth as their next boss and that terrifies them.

Jack cannot stand Liz's dismissal of him. In fact, he is so perturbed that he even starts a rumor that he may steal away the "Dealbreaker" idea; after all, "the network owns it, not Liz!" So she counters with the threat to sue NBC for the rights to her idea. And then to counter-counter, Jack says he's replaced Liz. It's a battle of who has bigger...bazookas.

Liz has a second meeting with a [fill in the BLEEP] here! Not a cool guy; typical LA trash...who jets on dinner to keep answering her phone for the likes of Brooke Hogan!

Supreme KUDOS to Padma Lakshmi, a brief guest star. Jack is using her as a pawn to get to, and perhaps replace, Liz. Her short appearance is hysterically self-deprecating, and I loved it! Just a pretty girl saying pretty (dumb) things!

But last minute, Jack has a change of heart. He wants to give the job to Liz. We end with the two of them Rockefeller Center, staring at each other with admiration - they'd rather work with one another than anyone else.

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