Recap: "The Two Finger Rule"

Charlie released stress by having a drunken male-bonding night with the guys after Chelsea became angry with him when she discovered topless photos of an ex-girlfriend on his cell phone.

Alan was on the phone arguing with Melissa, who was still angry with Alan for getting high and sleeping with her mother. Alan claimed that he was so high that he didn't know who she was. "I was drugged and molested by your mother, but I'm the bad guy?" Alan didn't know why Melissa was so angry with him, he felt as if he was the victim in that situation. Charlie overheard Alan on the phone. "Who would have thought that I would be the one in a stable relationship?" Charlie said to Chelsea and Berta. At that moment, Chelsea asked Charlie who Rachel was and why was she sending him topless photos of herself. She asked him if he was sleeping with Rachel, and Charlie said no. She wanted to know why he was receiving these pictures and Charlie said, "I guess she wanted to show off her boob job?" Chelsea wasn't amused. Charlie admitted he used to go out with her but a long time before he met and fell in love with Chelsea. "Does Rachel know you're engaged?" Chelsea asked. Charlie said she didn't. Chelsea wasn't happy. She said she knew that Charlie would screw it up, and she left.

Alan and Charlie were drinking away their female problems as they sat out on the balcony. Alan admitted that drinking alcohol when he's depressed makes him feel worse. Charlie said he feels the same way but told Alan that the trick is to drink until you get past that hump. Alan then asked Charlie what happened with Chelsea. He told him about Rachel and the topless pictures. Alan asked Charlie, "Is that worth breaking an engagement?" Charlie responded by showing Alan the pictures on his cell phone. Alan really appeared to enjoy the pictures but snapped out of it and asked Charlie if he was sleeping with Rachel. Charlie said he wasn't, and Alan wanted to know why he was keeping the pictures. Alan told Charlie that by keeping those pictures he wasn't sending Chelsea a good message. Alan said that some women may consider keeping those pictures as a form of cheating. Charlie thought that Chelsea overreacted. His plan was to wait for Chelsea to come back to him. Alan then had to leave to pick up Jake from Judith's house. "Just what we need to brighten our weekend, a large, sullen teenager with gas and questionable hygiene," Charlie stated.

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Apr 2, 2009 8:10PM EDT

I just have to say... Best episode ever!!

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