'NCIS' - 'Rule Fifty-One' Recap (Season Finale) Season 7, Episode 24

Picking up right where it left off last week, 'NCIS' faced the season finale with an episode that was rife with drama. Gibbs was challenged to not only explain his actions, but in many ways to explain his code of ethics. Was he a man of the law or not? Was he a good cop or a bad one? Essential questions were at the heart of the show. Could Jethro handle the truth, not to mention the consequences of his actions?

From the moment Jethro faced off with Paloma Reynosa in Mexico, it was clear that while he knew a lot of what was happening, there were surprises in store. Alejandro, the politician so smitten with Abby, was Paloma's brother, and just as determined to seek revenge on Gibbs as she was for the death of their father.

In a great scene, Gibbs sized up the real power in the Reynosa cartel, and it wasn't hermano Alejandro. But rule fifty one, which we didn't learn until the end of the show, would prove to be crucial. "Sometimes you're wrong." Jethro was likely referring to his capacity to be a man of the law.

He recalled telling Franks that he would be a good cop, but as the final shot revealed Paloma going to see Gibbs' father in Pennsylvania, the meaning shifted in a much more deadly direction. Was Jethro wrong to let Paloma live while Alejandro was -- presumably -- assassinated by Mike Franks? Jethro could have been wrong to trust that his phone call to Dad telling him to stay with someone else for a while was a warning heeded.

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