If they only had negative stars on this page...

You know, this movie may be pretty nice to watch with your children, at a nice sunday afternoon, if you have no idea about fantasy literature, think Tolkien must be some Russian politician and only know the word troll from flaming idiots on the internet.

But unless these conditions apply to you, the movie is a whole disaster.

If I could give it less than one star - I would.

The worst thing about this movie isn't the actors' total lack of any persuasiveness, it's not the lame special effects, it's not even the totally out-of-place costumes and decorations.

The worst thing is how they demolished, devastated and vandalized this great book. I really enjoyed reading the two parts of the (unfortunately not yet finished) quadrilogy. They were ravishing, stirring, fantastic, scintillatingly witty, romantic - in short: one of the best fantasy books I've ever written.

Now, this movie is the absolute and utter opposite of them.

So, if you liked the books, I utterly advise you not to waste even the 5 minutes watching the trailer. Believe me - it's not worth it.


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