Not the right guy for the job, but the right job anyway...

Josh Hartnett really isn't the guy to play a professional killer. Neither is Lucy Liu. Fortunately there's Bruce Willis who is fully prepared to take on that job. And he's doing it good. He's really well cast for the opaque, mysterious, no-name pro-killer Mr. Goodkat.

But if you're still interested in seeing Josh Hartnett kill someone or Lucy Liu die, you're still right with this movie. He may not be the right guy for "The Job" and she might not be the right girl for such a movie, but the film nonetheless remains one of those cool, mysterious, you-don't-get-it-'til-the-last-second-where-you're-surprised-to-finally-get-the-underlying-story-arc stories.

This movie is well done, it's the typical gangster action comedy you'd expect, a bit freaked out here and there, with some bizarre elements (like the 70s retro look in some places and the totally strange hallways everywhere), but still as you'd expect such a thingy to be. Sometimes it reminded me a bit of Ocean's Eleven, but that's just some single moments - and an illness of the whole genre - and also this film is much darker, with a really good background story.

All in all a really nice film - if you like this kind of genre - that really isn't disturbed by its strange cast.


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