Friday Night Lights: "Laboring" Review Season 4, Episode 12

Wow, this was not a happy episode. I mean, don't get me wrong - Friday Night Lights is often the opposite of a bundle of laughs, but this was one of those particularly sad, wrenching episodes, where nothing was going right for a group of people most of us watching have grown to love.

While we didn't get the Lions/Panthers game here, boy did we get a lot of drama surrounding it. The tension leading up to this game was getting worse by the minute, and was added to after Joe McCoy, Wade and the other Panthers bigwigs implied the Lions field wasn't up to snuff. Eric was determined that the Lions home game be just that though, and put the team to work, fixing problems with the field to shut up those complaining.

I felt like the episode was spending a bit too much time with Billy, overly anxious father-to-be, as Mindy went into labor and he couldn't stop freaking out. However, it all served to set up the one-to-punch of the end - as we first saw Billy with Mindy and their newborn baby, a content, happy family. And then ended things with both Billy and Tim locked up, as they got busted for their part in the car theft ring. While I haven't been connecting as much with Tim's storylines of late, it still felt awful to see him having a fun little moment playing air guitar in the garage - and then suddenly see two cops had arrived, as he realized he was in deep trouble.

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