Everybody Hates Tareq on 'The Real Housewives of DC'

Wine Isn't Just White

Cat meets with the editor of her book and she (Cat) is so excited about it, she almost smiled. Meanwhile, Stacie is meeting with her friends who own SugarLeaf, the only African American-owned vineyard on the East Coast. Not that wine is a race thing all of a sudden. For whatever reason, Tareq and Michaele were invited along and brought a bottle of their white-people wine. Tareq took the opportunity to prove to everyone how much he knows about whine, and Michaele just repeated certain words. "Citrus," she said, then she drunkenly rambled some nonsense about Obama (I think?).

As it turns out Adam, Stacie's brother-in-law, has the number one single in Paris (I smell a record deal in the works for one of the DC Housewives!), so Stacie invites Michaele and Tareq to Paris three days before. It was one of those things where you invite someone out of courtesy, thinking there's no way they could possibly go, but Michaele and Tareq were all about it. Uh oh.

At a department store fashion show, Mary asks Lynda about her "fight" with Michaele at the birthday party. Lynda defends herself and manages to include a dig at Tareq's winery, which segues into a one-woman Tareq hate-fest. Apparently before she married Tareq, Michaele wasn't as weird and creepy-looking.

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