This movie isn't nearly as good as teh original and it's at the same time twice as good as it.

Sounds schizophrenic - but that's probably what you get when stealing from two other films...

So - it's much better than Predator - which isn't such a difficult thing to achieve at all, because, when I saw that movie, I thought it was totally pointless.

But in comparison with the Alien quadrilogy, AVP totally sucks. The two can't even be measured on the same scale - it's like comparing 4 of the finest and best racing hoses in the world (Alien 1-4) to a pile of rotten tomatoes (AVP, no copyright infringement intended).

And also the story is really lame - I mean:

There's the rich asshole that has a bunch of sattelites that detect something strange in a far away region of the earth, so he hires a bunch of scientists and a survival expert to go there and then -- almost everyone gets slaughtered.

Nice - but whe already know THAT story.

So thanks, but no thanks.


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