'The Bachelorette' - Season Premiere Recap Season 6, Episode 1

Hold on to your roses, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for season six of 'The Bachelorette,' AKA, 'That Show Where You Must Forsake Your Livelihood And Home To Pursue Twoo Wuv, Or Be Forever Branded A Workaholic.'

In case the last season of 'The Bachelor' and the numerous previews, 'After the Rose' specials, opening credit voiceovers and multiple Chris Harrison interviews during the episode didn't quite give you the whole story, allow us to remind you that Ali Fedotowsky almost won Jake Pavelka's heart last season on 'The Bachelor,' before her mean old employers were meaniefaces who told her to stop frolicking about on a reality game show and get back to work, or risk getting fired.

And because Ali was a workaholic shrew, she chose her career over love and broke poor Jake's heart -- for shame! Much weeping and hand-wringing ensued for the rest of the season, and in subsequent tabloid columns, just to remind us that one should never choose career stability and a steady paycheck over a dreamy hunk of Texan man who can fly planes to like, anywhere!

But now Ali is back, and she's learned her lesson! She's quit her job and moved out of her apartment in her quest for romance, so let's just hope that none of her potential suitors have recently quit their jobs and are living with their parents, since that could get awkward. Oh, wait ...

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