Review: 'Cougar Town' - 'All the Wrong Reasons' Episode 14

Ever watch an episode and think the writers wrote it just to address the gripes of its fans? That's the way I felt while watching this one. It was an episode that had more chuckles than laughs, but it addressed the stories of two characters who have probably gotten the shortest end of the character development stick so far: Ellie and Laurie. So, for that, the episode stood out.

Let's start with Laurie. For most of this first season, we've seen her as nothing more than a West-Central Florida wannabe version of Lindsay Lohan. So it was refreshing to see that she's actually grown a conscience, and is willing to admit to it. It's a good thing, because a caricature-heavy Laurie would be tough to take in the show's already-secured second season.

"I'm a ridiculous person" is what she admitted to Travis as they hid in her f-buddy Dale's closet. Maybe she's realizing that in her mid-to-late-twenties, bedding a steady stream of douchebags isn't the carnival it's cracked up to be. It's amazing to me how much more mature Travis is than Laurie; he's the one telling her that the fact that she now feels bad about what she does is a step in the right direction. If you have to take life advice from a kid -- even a smart one -- who's about to graduate high school, then you seriously need to rethink how things are going.

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