UNDERCOVERS ''Devices'' Review Episode 3

I do not think anyone loves this show. I don't mean the viewers, but the people behind it. The creative team who make the show may just consider it a job and not art, which all forms of entertainment are. My suspicions are brought on by the title of the episode: Device. Really? A title should be fun: think of Breaking Bad's third season title I.F.T. I kept thinking, ooh, maybe that's a new organization or a branch of the police. It was actually an acronym for the wife's cold confession to her separated husaband: I Fucked Ted. Brilliant! Think of The Big Bang Theory and all of their whimsical titles: The Vartabedian Conundrum or The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification. Or even Alias with their solemn, ambiguous titles: Snowman, Masquerade, Page 47. But Device? Really? For a spy show? Blergh.

The main plot was plucked from the recycling plant of overused spy genre plot devices (oh, now I get it!) for mediocre, unloved, uncreative shows. A patient from a mental hospital in Germany is kidnapped; he is a genius codebreaker. This requires him to tap furiously on the keypad whilst dazzling lights and boxes pop up on screen. He has to look constipated doing so, nibbling on quirky jellybeans, otherwise we'll know he's totally not a hacker.

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