Worth a peek - or two - or three - or four...

When it comes to ganster comedies, this film is the master of them all. I can't remember any other film in this genre that would have impressed me as much as this one.

It's just the sheer immensity of the job, the great number of people involved in it and the big surprises, that make this plot to rob three Las Vegas casinos at a time one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It's like riding a new roller coaster: You think you know where the next turn is, but then you're suprised to find yourself being thrown around just the opposite site.

But not only the story of the film, also the cast is quite impressive. Where else do you get such a wagon-load of stars in one film? It's like they took the walk of fame and poured it right into the movie.

So I just can't wait to see this movie again. For the fourth time then...


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