BETTER WITH YOU ''Better With Ben'' Review Episode 3

This week's episode of Better With You involved a fight over the annual Putney Christmas card and what is considered family.

The Putneys have a yearly tradition involving planning their family Christmas card complete with a new theme every year. Past themes have included: Can't Touch This and Silence of the Hams. Even though it is only October, Joel is excited to start the planning which involves measuring everyone for hats. Everyone but Ben that is. Joel has rules about the Christmas card. These rules include only family. Ben, however, is hurt that he is not included since he has been around for nine years. He is even more hurt when he finds out that Casey will be included since he is about to be married to Mia. Maddie lodges a protest and a plan to launch a rival Christmas card. Slowly, everyone decides to join her for various reasons - Vicky because she wants to be sexy, Ben because he has no other choice and Casey and Mia because Maddie cried.

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