The Neo of special agents

There are many films out there about special agents, CIA, MI6 and stuff. Everybody knows James Bond or Mission Impossible and such. But this film is different. This special agent isn't the stupid normal kind of save-the-world hero that gets trapped by the bad guy and escapes, just seconds before the big nuclear explosion would have killed him. This special agent doesn't even know his name.

Jason Bourne is to the special agent genre, what Neo was to Sci Fi: a revolution.

Jason not only doesn't know who he is or where he is at the beginning of the film, he even is unaware of the fact that he had "special training". So he has to struggle his way throught the whole movie, together with Franka Potente and always followed by his "special friends", the CIA, just to find out, who he actually is.

In my opinion, that's one of the best plots in a long time in this genre. James Bond may be quite nice to watch on a quiet Sunday Evening, but the series has been lacking big revelations in a long time and the sequels to M:I weren't quite as good as the first one, so this is probably the best that happened to special agent movies in a long, long time.


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