'United States of Tara' - 'Trouble Junction' Recap Season 2, Episode 2

There's nothing united about Tara's states right now. After all the time away in therapy and the realization that her shattered persona was not the result of what happened at school when she was a teenager, the reality emerging is that something is askew in her psyche that cannot be fixed... The lid on the pot is shaking and ready to explode. More on that and Marshall's gay-size shorts after the jump.

Could there be a more stark image of Tara's psychosis running amok than her waking up in bed with another woman? She had no idea where she was or who she was with. Running from the house was akin to running away from the problem. Everyone in the family is doing that, too, because nobody has figured out what Tara has. She's losing time and the meds aren't working.

The scene with Toni Collette in the closet, talking to her handcam and crying about what's going wrong was shattering. Tara was traumatized because she thought she was better. She believed it. But reality is what it is and she has no idea what triggered it or why Buck has been taking over her body.

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