'Chuck' - 'Chuck Versus the American Hero' Recap Recap Season 3, Episode 12

Tonight we got to see the progression of Chuck's character. Would first-season Chuck have tried to take down an enemy stronghold (armed, no less) while rescuing the man who was the romantic interest of the woman he loved? Well, probably, but not with such confidence.

Since he got the Intersect 2.0, it seems like every other time Chuck has flashed has been to learn a form of self-defense. He better pray that the Intersect doesn't become corrupted and he loses that piece of the program (although that would make future seasons more interesting as he couldn't fight anyone without it).

While Chuck is as brave as they come, it's still tough to believe he wants to be a spy. He simply wants Sarah, and if he has to become a spy to be with her, then that's what he'll do.

It was nice that continuity is being kept and the mole that Chuck (or rather Casey) shot last week still plays a role in this week's episode.

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Mar 30, 2010 7:23PM EDT

Chuck may have been armed but he was still Chuck carrying non-lethal weapons. I could see even a first year Chuck charging into the bunker, mind you without the Intersect 2.0 he never would have gotten past the pop machine, since Chuck has always let his emotions write cheques that his skills can't cash; he never could stay in the car and who can forget situation that led to the famous "Casey Kiss." Since Shaw is important to Sarah, Chuck naturally locked Sarah in castle and went out to help Shaw. Uber-Stalkers Jeff and Lester succeeding where the latest technology failed was a neat twist.I guess if someone wanted to make Chuck a killer they could swap his tranq darts with lethal (nerve agent) darts. As for him flashing before fighting, I've notice several different types of martial arts have been flashed so it would have to be a major glitch (like when he couldn't flash at all) for it to cause him too much trouble. Also when he shot the Ring guard in the bunker with a tranq dart, Chuck remarked "No flashing necessary"

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