Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 5 - Full Moon Rising

Dawson and Joey are watching a movie in his room discussing full moons. The camera cuts from the movie to them sitting outside on the roof looking at the moon still discussing it. Joey tells Dawson the moon won’t be completely full until the next night and that full moons make people do strange things. Dawson asks her if she is superstitious. Joey tells him she isn’t but that it’s scientific because their bodies are made up of 70% water and the moon has an effect on that therefore an effect on people.

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As Mitch and Tamara are walking to the warehouse and he tells her he would like to see the plans again. She tells him she will give him a really good deal if he will buy the place. Mitch asks her if it’s that important to get out of Capeside and Tamara tells him Capeside is a bridge she needs to burn.

Vincent and Jen walk down the street talking. Vincent tells her she is the first breath of fresh air in the town then asks her out. She accepts and walks away smiling.

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