Interview with Kelly Sharbaugh from 'Survivor: Samoa'

Kelly Clarkson may be an American Idol, but Kelly Sharbaugh simply got idoled. On the last Survivor: Samoa the 25 year old San Diego hairstylist became the second member of the jury after Russell Hantz caught her with the old Hidden Immunity Idol trick play.

You had to know Kelly was in trouble when she got several confessionals earlier in the episode. Despite coming across as a cliche love 'em and leave 'em bad girl Survivor: Samoa's preseason marketing, Kelly turned out to be a shrude player. In fact, she was apparently all too good at holding her tongue for the producer's taste because they rarely let her get a word in edgewise.

In our interview Kelly told me why she is glad Russell chose blankets over a tarp, showed a different side of her friendship with Monica and explained why Galu's wins lead to their losses.

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