'Gossip Girl' - 'The Empire Strikes Jack' Recap Season 3, Episode 16

I'm a believer in second chances, as well, but some people don't deserve second chances. Where 'Gossip Girl' is concerned, two of these people are Jack and Agnes. Both are bad news and only bring pain to our favorite characters.

Thankfully, the show brought back two beloved recurring characters that bring some balance to the dark side brought by Agnes and Jack: Eleanor and Dorota. How long has it been since we last saw those two? Long enough for Eleanor to have a complete new line of clothes ready to show the world and for Dorota to be ready to pop!

Jack, Elizabeth and Chuck

Let's admit it, seeing Chuck in trouble is entertaining. However, seeing Chuck's heart get broken as it was this week is not a pretty sight. I felt really bad for him when Elizabeth explained that she loved Jack and that she wasn't his mother. Chuck went through so much that I wanted him to get a happy ending for once. I'm glad that Elizabeth turned out to truly be Chuck's mother and that she wants to change. Maybe she will come back a new woman in the future and just in time to save Chuck and give him his happy ending?

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