Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 6 - The Dance

Pacey, Dawson and Joey are watching Andie dancing as the watch Footloose. They ask her what she is doing and she tells them she is practicing for the school dance. She tries to convince them to go to the dance with no avail at first but when she tells them dancing is like foreplay they all change their minds.

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Bessie drops a reluctant Joey off at school. She asks her why she is reluctant to go to school. Joey turns to her and tells her about the kiss with Jack and that it was nothing. Bessie tells her if it was nothing to concentrate on Dawson.

Jen and Abby study the football players as Abby plots to steal Brett, a football player from Christy, his cheerleader girlfriend.

Joey and Dawson have a discussion about sex and how it was easier to talk about it when they were just friends as opposed to dating. Jen and Abby walk by and while Jen is friendly and says hello, Abby makes a snide remark. Joey tells Dawson she doesn’t like that Jen is hanging out with Abby. She thinks Abby is a bad influence on Jen and suggests to Dawson they invite Jen to the dance with them since they are going as a group with Andie and Pacey. Dawson agrees with her reasoning and they decide they will invite her. After Dawson leaves Joey sees Jack picking up books he’s dropped on the floor. She watches for a few seconds but runs off before he can see her.

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