House Season 6, Episode 7: "Teamwork" - Recap

House's medical license is reinstated just in time to treat an adult film star who is admitted for a pulsating eye. Chase and Cameron want to start clean by leaving Princeton-Plainsboro, prompting House to try to get Taub and Thirteen to return to his team.

The Patient

This week's patient is famous adult film star Hank Hardwick (that name sounds like it's straight out of Boogie Nights). He is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro with a pulsating eye at the same time House receives notice that his medical license has been reinstated. Perfect timing.

House Wants His Team Back

Cameron and Chase have a heart-to-heart about Dibala before work, and Cameron says she can live with it and that the two of them can get through it together. "But we need to get away from Princeton-Plainsboro," Cameron adds.

The two arrive that morning to announce their resignation. House doesn't flinch and gives Forman a barrage of tests to perform on Hank. House doesn't waste any time, and heads straight Taub's fancy new office as a plastic surgeon. He begins to present Hank's symptoms to Taub. But Taub says he has much more time to be with his wife now and has no desire to return to House's team. House immediately hits up Thirteen's house and tries to appeal to her with Hank's symptoms as well. All he gets is a door slammed in his face.

As Chase and Cameron are cleaning out their lockers, Foreman begs Chase to help him run a test for cerebral vasculitis since House has him running ragged. Chase only agrees to help when Forman plays the Dibala card by saying, "You owe me." Cameron decides to stay and help her husband as well.

Morality Issues

Cameron convinces Chase to test Hank for a vitamin D deficiency. Hank, who says he's not a STD-ridden druggie, has his wife with him. Things start to get a bit preachy as Cameron and Chase don't agree with his career choice. But Hank begins to get a nosebleed and as well as tiny hemorrhages on his leg and the conversation quickly stops.

Cameron and Chase report the latest developments to House, who is busy catching up on internet videos of all of Hank's hard work. They come up with the possibility that the patient has Meningococcemia, and they head out to start treatment. But as they leave, House holds Chase back and to tell him Cameron is bound to leave him when the reality sinks in that he killed Dibala. Chase goes to treat the patient, and Hank tells him he can drop the whole lecturing act now that Cameron isn't around. They begin to have a conversation where Hank mocks the idea of a conscience, but Hank spikes a fever and it becomes clear treatment isn't working.

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