Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 7 - The All-Nighter

Dawson is talking to someone, we don’t know who, about a movie. We soon see he is talking to Gail. When he is done she apologizes and tells him she hopes she is an acceptable substitute. He tells her she was great but she knows better and begins talking to him about his breakup with Joey and how since the breakup he hasn’t allowed himself to be upset about it. Dawson respond by telling her that doesn’t do any good so why do it. Gail gives him reasons why he should then tells him it doesn’t get easier when you get older and leaves to go to bed. After she leaves he turns the tv back on but ends up instead staring at the empty window that Joey climbs in and out of.

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Peterson tells his class about the mid-term then tells the class what it will cover. While he does this Pacey and Andie flirt; Dawson drops his jacket and he and Joey both go to pick it up and Chris Wolfe send Jen a note which Peterson ends up getting.

After class, in the hallway Joey tells Dawson he can’t ignore her forever. He tells her she wanted her space and he’s giving it to her. She responds by telling him she didn’t think it would mean he would cut off all communication and he asks her what she expected and that she can’t make up all the rules.

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