Surgeons belong in surguries.... don't they?

It may be because I'm such a medical nerd, but does anyone else find it odd how little time everyone (the 1st year residents, besides Meredith) spend such little time in the OR? I mean, in the first season as interns they got more time doing surgeries. Heck, George got dubbed "007" cause he killed someone during a appendectomy. And I feel like they spend too much time just dallying around.

They talk about surgeries, but I would think as they are in their 2nd year of the program, they would do more things on their own. I almost feel like career-wise they've all taken a step back. Which may be why everyone feels the show has gone downhill. I mean, how are they to progress as doctors and as people, if all they do is bitch and moan, and never actually do.

The ups and downs of the characters should be more about the patients, and the group trying to become better doctors, as well as better people. Instead everyone is so focused on their own drama. And only Christina has a specialty decided. Everyone is kind of going with the flow. Where's the drive and determination we all fell in love with?



May 23, 2008 10:05AM EDT

it's true... in fact I think that in order to appeal to a larger audience the writers have moved away from the original concept... most of the characters keep changing roles and carry out tasks which had the situation not been real it would be inconceivable... to be honest I still prefer House MD - drama but a more focussed approached (though admittedly far fetched)
actually this is the thing with all these kind of dramas... same thing applies to shows like Boston Legal, Law&Order, etc...
i guess that's the downfall of mainstream shows

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May 23, 2008 3:50PM EDT

Personaly I think were meant to assume that we dont see every surgery they're in. Though I completely agree that there hasnt been nearly enough surgerys for me this season and hopefully there will be more next year!

May 24, 2008 6:25AM EDT

Although i agree. Keep in mind that surgeons also have to have consults with the patients they will do surgeries on.i am Australian so it may be different in America, however i work in a private hospital operating theatre as a nurse and the surgeons do not do surgeries all day every day.They have an office where they do consults and they do rounds where they check on patients pre and post operatively.And they spend an unbelievably long time chatting to other surgeons and planning social outings together!I agree that they don't do enough surgeries (mostly because i love picking the things they do wrong! ;op), but its not really that unbelievable to me.

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May 29, 2008 7:37PM EDT

they should definetly bring the medical side back because the stories of the patients wer so good i loved the one with the amish girls i think greys decayed after the strike...still love it though

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