Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 9 - The Election

Dawson and Jen sit in his room discussing his script. Jen feels it’s a little fluffy and naïve. Dawson argues it’s about the magic of first love but Jen is unconvinced. She goes on to tell him it lacks a sense of rawness and darkness. He’s obviously offended but asks her advice. She tells him he needs to start acting like he’s 15 and tells him she can help him do that.

Andie tries to convince Joey to be her running mate in the upcoming school presidential election. Joey politely tells her no citing her background would keep Andie from winning. Meanwhile, Abby and Chris pass out flies in the hallway soliciting votes from the student body. Abby and Pacey exchange barbs and after Abby leaves Andie tells Pacey she is running for president and he’s going to be her campaign manager.

Jen tries to convince Dawson to skip class but he doesn’t go for it. She tells him in order to write about being a teenage he has to be one.

Mitch is in the kitchen of his former home fixing the dishwasher for Gale. She apologizes to him for having to call him telling him she didn’t know who else to call. He tells her it’s ok then suddenly water starts squirting out of the dishwasher. He gets soaked and she starts laughing. He turns it off and very seriously tells her it’s not funny. She walks over to him with a dishtowel and starts wiping off the water. They gaze at each other for a long moment then he bends down to kiss her. They start making out in the kitchen and a surprised Dawson walks in on his parents laying on the kitchen table kissing. He grins and quietly walks out.

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