Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 11 - Sex, She Wrote

Montage of Jen and Dawson talking about an “unexpected encounter”; Andie and Pacey talking then they kiss; Jack asks Joey if she has any regrets, she says no and they kiss;

Dawson leaves Jen’s house, she leans in for a kiss but he kisses her on the forehead instead of on the lips.

Opening Credits

Dawson is in class wrapping up a presentation talking about the mystery genre. Abby was asked to present her project. She gives a flimsy excuse; the teacher tells her if she doesn’t turn in her project she will get an “F.”

The bell rings and as the class is leaving someone drops a note which Chris Wolfe finds and puts in his pocket.

In the cafeteria Jack and Joey talk about why it’s so awkward; Andie and Pacey talk about the night before and how much they enjoyed it so much; Dawson sits down with Jen and gives her his changes on his script telling her their conversation the night before inspired him. She asks if it was the conversation or the physical contact that inspired him.

In another corner of the cafeteria Chris gives Abby the note he found. After she reads it she asks if he knew who dropped it. He tells her he does not.

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