COMMUNITY ''Anthropology 101'' Review Season 2, Episode 1

Glendale Community College is back in session in the Anthropology 101 episode of COMMUNITY and the very meta Abed wants to leave the soapy relationshippy stuff behind and move into bigger, fast-paced self-contained escapades. Not so fast, Abed.

And we're back. The best calendar picture ever leads us into a great montage of everyone waking up in exactly the room you'd expect and, yep, Troy sleeps in Spiderman jammies. Everyone is happy for the start of the school year except Jeff who's too busy showing off his abs and Britta, who is still embarrassed about professing her love for Jeff. Everyone has a brief moment of concern when they think she's not in the study room, but talk of Toy Story 3 distracts them.

The omnipresent Betty White is the new anthropology professor who drinks urine (but it's Britta and Jeff that make her sick) and shoots Star-burns (now with top hat) with a blowgun. There is no reason on earth There will also be a diorama should be hilarious, but it is. She also battles Jeff: her weapon of mass destruction versus his tool of choice respect. Also there: student Chang, who wants to join the study group (Is there room in this pocket for a little spare Chang?'') and has multiple personalities.

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