Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 15, "There's No Place Like Mode"

I've never had much inclination to attend a show at Fashion Week in New York (I leave that up to my best buds Fab and Bella), but if all fashion shows were like the one on this week's Ugly Betty, I'd fight for a front-row seat each and every time. Between one of my favorite scripted-drama scenes of the year so far in terms of sheer pageantry and a nonannoying Betty and a nonannoying Betty's family - people, I think Ugly Betty's got its groove back! At least for the moment. So let's chat about it before someone (probably Molly) makes us all feel weird about the show again. Just read more.

* The episode opens at YETI, which is great because it means we're getting back to Betty's professional life and away from the family drama. A student is giving a serious presentation about a topical issue, to which Marc complains, "All right, we get it - Darfur's a bummer, but who wants those images in their head?"

* He wasn't the only one with a somewhat crass take on "serious issues" Betty also laments that "Fashion Week isn't nearly as fun as genocide week."

* Betty gets paired with "Sports Guy" for the rest of the year at YETI, and he's cute in a Josh Grobany way, don't you think? He's so nice, too.

* Betty gets really snotty about Fashion Week (you'd think she'd be less snooty about the industry now that she's been in it for a long time) and asks Daniel for a nonfashion assignment. I really love his reaction: "It's Fashion Week at a fashion magazine."

* One of the best parts of the Heinrich story is his insistence that he and Betty "make love now." Ha! And each time she sort of says, "Um, no."

* Sports guy (Matt) turns in the wrong press release, in which Betty makes fun of Heinrich's fashions, but as it turns out, that makes the press release seem totally not cliche and he wants Betty to produce his show! She sort of shies away from the responsibility, which is a little out of character.

* Later, when Betty finally stops treating Matt like dog poo and follows him around on his job, she's totally weirded out when she is in the locker room with naked pro athletes. Hello? Carpe diem, Betty! I would have been more than happy to hang out in the locker room with fit, shirtless athletes. If anything it makes for a great story later.

* Back at home, Hilda is still getting used to the idea of Elena dating her dad. I have to say, their PDA is a little much.

* Oh, and Justin really wants that extra ticket to the Mode fashion show and blackmails Betty with "I'll tell everyone you still like Ricky Martin!" Ha!

* Molly's attending Fashion Week as Daniel's date, and the tabloids slam her fashion sense. The poor thing. The best part of that plot is that we get a Molly makeover montage! Do you think she looked much better afterward?

* Over in Connor and Willi-land - somehow by dating Connor, Willi no longer is on top of the fashion-industry food chain. I honestly don't understand how this correlates. She goes on to complain that she thought she could have it all. Ugh.

* I loved, loved when Willi told Connor that the whole "baby in the corner" reference is really tired here in the USA. Thank you!

* So everything converges at the fashion show in the most amazing way ever! Those costumes! The barbed wire on Betty's head! Christina giving birth on the runway! Willi holding the baby up in the air as Marc cues the lights and confetti! It was a sight to behold.

What do you guys think of the new boy in Betty's life? Are you so glad this baby was finally born? And what's wrong with Molly? Is she dying?

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