Private Practice Rundown: Episode 17, "Wait and See"

After a couple weeks of serious cross-over drama, Private Practice pretty much gets back to normal on this week's episode. Of course, there are issues with a patient's baby, plus a small cancer patient side story for Pete. The real drama, though, centers around Archer apparently feeling well enough to get up to no good with the ladies, just as Naomi assumes they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh - and a serious Charlotte/Cooper twist goes down that will likely alter their already tenuous relationship. Ready to talk about it? Just read more.

So after a super-intense showdown in the Seattle Grace OR, Addison is back to the warm glow of her beachy lifestyle, sipping wine in the moonlight with Naomi. The ladies hardly dwell on the fact that their brother/lover nearly lost his life presumably just days before and jump right in to giggly boy talk. Naomi's convinced Archer's now her boyfriend even though, to be sorta fair to Archer, we didn't see them have the old define-the-relationship chat. But as soon as Addison heads downstairs - OMG! - Archer is making out with some lady (Addison calls her old, too!). Right away, Addison covers for him - which, I don't know, she lets Archer guilt her a lot.

I think Addison should have told Naomi straight away. It's one thing if you bump into your brother at say, the zoo, and he's with someone else on a date. Then he could say something like, "Naomi and I never agreed to be exclusive, and I'm dating, and you should stay out of this." But when your brother, whose life you just saved, is being slutty and bringing back randoms to your hallway to grope when the odds are pretty stellar that you will be home (given it's your house), I say no mercy! Side with the friend. But you tell me.

Meanwhile, Sheldon somehow convinces Violet to cohost a couples therapy group. They look terribly awkward from the start, and then things get crazy awkward when people in the group have affairs with each other. Violet says a bunch of coded stuff in the group that's supposedly directed at the couples but is probably really something about what she's feeling inside. Sometimes PP gets frustratingly cryptic, and the subtext of what the doctors are saying isn't clever - it's just annoying.

Oh! And Charlotte's still super frustrated that Cooper moved in with his needy friend instead of with her, and she makes a little effort, but he still turns her down. So then, holy cow, she has sex with Archer. Or at least they do some heavy petting and Addison catches them. Archer is such a d-bag!

Some other thoughts:

* Not to be a stickler, but babies born with ambiguous sexualities are kind of big deal. I'm pretty sure most parents would consult a bunch of doctors who are experts on the topics and probably do a little research before they made any big decisions. Instead, these parents rely solely on Naomi and Addison? Hrmm.

* Do you guys like Sam's girlfriend? She's almost too good to be true. That's a little boring. I kind of want her to make Sam draw some lines when it comes to Naomi.

* Archer and Addison's fight was intense and full of daddy issues. Were you buying Archer's excuse that he can't help but be like their father?

* Do guys care much for Sheldon and Violet? Did his little chat with her move you at all?.

I'm glad Naomi isn't mad at Addison in the end, I couldn't take another fight between those two. Are you cool with Cooper forgiving Charlotte? These two have so many issues sometimes I wonder if their relationship is more effort than it's worth. What did you think of last night?

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Feb 24, 2009 12:01AM EST

Oh, I thought Cooper was sooooo cool for forgiving Charlotte. If he got into a snide and then have a whole I;m so depressed-eat Ben and Jerry with me-why did she do that?! episode fans of Private Practice might as well just stop watching and watch GA instead. For once, he's actually showing some intelligence and clear-headed thinking that is really suave at the same time. Besides, its not like Charlotte is some rampant whore sleeping around. Archer is a dirty sexy manwhore, and Charlotte was upset and really sorry afterwards. I think its a great ending =)

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