ROOKIE BLUE ''Hot and Bothered'' Review Episode 7

Episode 7 of ROOKIE BLUE, “Hot and Bothered” was about a heat wave hitting the city. It was convincing on this front, for rarely has an episode of tv made me feel so drowsy. Gail and Dov deliver a baby; Diaz sulks and moans while Nash tries to empathise; McNally kills a cop-shooting pedophile and feels so bad about it that she immediately rushes into Swarek’s muscled arms for a booty call because her blue eyed Callaghan is working on a homicide case (selfish jerk).

The episode started off with McNally chasing a crazy man down an alley; she trips and he rounds on her with one of those mini shovels used in fireplaces. She does not draw her gun… I suppose this is because she does not want to hurt the man. He might have family; he might just be crazy. When Andy McNally kills someone, the writers are going to make sure he deserves it. Out rolls a pedophile that has kidnapped and killed a lot of little girls (last summer, not this summer. This summer he’s just kidnapped them. And they’re either rescued or they’ve escaped from the Dexter-lair). Just to make sure we know he’s a bad guy, he also shoots a cop-not in the head, but in his bullet proof vest, from three feet away. Okay, I’m totally exaggerating. It was about five feet away.

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