Recap Robin Hood: Season 2, Episode 2 - The Booby and the Beast

In Robin's first adventure after discovering the horrible truth about operation Shah Mat (a.k.a Checkmate, a.k.a Kill the King), Robin decides to break into the Sheriff of Nottingham's Strong Room.

Robin underestimates the Strong Room's array of deathly traps, Robin decides to think up an entirely new plan. He decides to track down the Strong Room's designers: unfortunately, Gisborne has killed most of them to ensure their silence. Robin finds the sole survivor: the now blind designer called Stephen and together, Stephen, Robin and his gang practise fighting the room's deadly traps.

Back in Nottingham Castle, the Sheriff orders Marian to pander to every whim of Count Frederick, who has arrived to play at the casino. But Frederick then finds out that the Sheriff has a plan that will ensure he loses. Marian then gains a vital ally. He then helps Robin think up a plan to break into the Strong Room. In order to increase the Sheriff's losses Frederick agrees to lose all his winnings to the Sheriff after a given signal from Djaq, working undercover; however, the double-agent Allan has told Gisborne about Robin's plans and Gisborne doubles the traps in place. Robin gets out, sending the Sheriff into a rage; back in Sherwood Forest, Frederick gives Robin another full chest of riches to feed the needy.

Source: Wikipedia

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