It's OK to Kill??

Smallville raised a fairly interesting moral question last night: is it ever OK to kill someone? Oliver Queen wanted to kill Lex, but Clark was determined to stop him because killing is wrong, no matter how evil the person is. Eventually Lex was killed (we all know he's still alive), leading Oliver and Chloe to have a conversation about whether it's morally justified to murder a monster like Lex Luthor.

It's a morally gray area, and one every comic book hero has to face. Murder is wrong, but evil men like Lex Luthor are never going to change and are irredeemable. A hero's duty is to protect the citizens, but does that include killing one to save the rest?

On this issue for Smallville, I would tend to agree with Oliver Queen. Lex has proven time and time again that his primary goal is to control the world, possibly by using Clark's abilities or simply by getting rid of him. There is no hope for him, and as Clark was told, Lex isn't the same high school kid Clark met back in season 1.

What leads me to this conclusion is that Clark seemed to agree with Oliver. After Lana disabled the Krypto-bomb, Clark went after Lex and it looked like he finally came around to the same conclusion Oliver did. Lana stopped him, and Oliver beat him to the punch, but aside from those factors, it looked as if Clark was finally ready to end it himself.

This moral ambiguity adds a lot to the show, and it seems to be the newest trend for The CW's Thursday nights. While both Smallville and Supernatural are typically about the good guys defeating the bad guys, this season both Clark Kent and Sam Winchester are facing tough decisions.

Clark has had to choose between killing the Brainiac-possessed Chloe and now whether to kill Lex. Meanwhile, Sam is debating whether to kill a little girl named Lilith who is possessed by an evil demon.

Now that Lex is allegedly dead, Clark may think his decision is over, but we know that Lex will keep coming back, so Clark's days of living in the gray area are far from over.

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Feb 9, 2009 3:05PM EST

Maxgt,A very nice post indeed! I think that with a situation like Lex Luthor, the needs of many out weigh the needs of the few. Lex has proved that he can be an inch away from death and still come back to try and destroy everything. Lately it seems that Clark's only option is to kill Lex. It also brings up the fact that Lex's company is near invincible and is going to live long after Lex himself, anyone that takes over for Lex could be more of a problem than Lex.
Unfortunately, while not morally right, it may be the only thing to do. We see this everyday while we are involved with wars. Our troops certainly think of the moral implications of killing another, but they have no option. It's kill or be killed for them. So, it's not an entirely different situation for Clark, he has three options; be controlled by Lex and kill millions, be killed or kill Lex.

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Feb 10, 2009 2:02PM EST

While i agree there is a certain moral ambiguity to this season, are all who claim to be good always good? is the bad guy really the bad guy or is it circumstance, a question of perspective?Certainly it has caused Clark some serious issue, i think at the time he was about to finally kill Lex i do believe that was more motivated by his loss of Lana not so much a need to do right. Couple that with is Lex truly out to destroy the world or is he looking to protect it, if you remember his comments/actions have often been to seek a means to protect the world from the Aliens or forces he sees as coming to Earth to take over. While he maybe mistaken and certainly wrong in his methods it does seem he is trying to help, certainly in his mind he sees himself as saving the world. Still this does add to the show, makes it more interesting to watch and it does show that even the best like Clark can be swayed. The issue of Oliver killing, and blackmailing Chloe over the secret that she herself has killed, again adds a moral grey area making things not as clear cut as in say previous seasons. We have already seen Clark do things not in line with the image of the boyscout, him lie about changing Chloe's memories, spy on Chloe's consider killing two characters Chloe and Lex. Still its making for interesting viewing Just what will Oliver do he knows about Chloe's memory, he knows about Chloe killing will these things be used further to protect himself from his own actions?

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Feb 10, 2009 2:20PM EST

"are all who claim to be good always good?"
Brilliant point! As we saw Oliver had a certain look to him as he wanted to kill Lex. I think it may have been the fact that he wouldn't to kill Lex for some sort of revenge rather than the world would be a better place.

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Feb 14, 2009 8:00PM EST

The previous comment mentioned Oliver wanting to kill for revenge rather than making the world a better place, but I say to that, is it wrong to kill someone who has ruined your life for revenge if the outcome is the world being a better place? I don't think so. If someone is capable of killing so many for their futile quest of power then shouldn't their lives become forfeit once they've crossed over and burned the bridge called humanity.

Mar 13, 2011 2:40PM EDT

In case of smallville, I'm not agree with the post headline
I prefer "Why to kill? What about our justice institution?"
Even Sadam Hussein who killed many was put on trial... Even cops "return fire" with disarm intent...
In comic books, Superman always tries to capture the villain to put them on trial...
Have we seen this "message" in smallville regarding Clark against Lex?

I think it'll not be morally wrong if Lex is killed during the process...
There is no need of moral question, just let the jury give their verdict!
Is it legally wrong if Clark kills Lex?

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