'Psych' Season 5, Episode 9 (Season Finale) Recap

For the most part, this has been an uneven summer season of 'Psych.' There was even discussions here about whether 'Psych' was getting a bit long in the tooth. Fortunately, tonight's season finale was a shot in the arm for the series, an action-oriented episode that thrust Shawn and Gus into a complicated case of cat and mouse from the get-go. For more on the episode, and Shawn's desire to open an ice cream shoppe, read on.

There were 'Chuck' elements to this episode, especially since Shawn and Gus fell right into the Chuck Bartowski mode. They're detectives, not spies, so there were things that flummoxed them. And Nadia was a kick-ass spy.

She was played by Franka Potente ('The Bourne Identity'), and when she first approached Shawn and Gus, she was asking them for a favor. "I need to be erased." Since she'd worked with Juliet's brother, the guys were inclined to help her ... until she threatened their lives.

Shawn agreed to help her. Nadia was a tough cookie, very Jason Bourne, even though she made it clear that this was real, not a movie. Of course, the inside joke was that Franka was in the 'Bourne' films. When Nadia tried to seduce Shawn, it was ridiculous. Nadia was playing Shawn.

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