Did u really want it to end here?

man i hope it doest"nt end like this.it ended well but not so great.i have ideas,like new charicters if mike and bryan did the the last airbender im sure they can make more.i mean dont u agree avatar is great we fans cant let it end like this.GO TEAM AVATAR give me avatar or give me death if u agree that mike and byran should keep making avatar write,call,or email them please do it for the fans!!!!plus if u have info about new seasons or movies please tell!



Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2008 3:46AM EDT

Black Hearts23Ok,here's the thing i really love avatar i have every episode on all of my ps consoles we're all sayin that the creators should make more and i agreeif they want to end it end it with one more book(Book 4 air) cause that is how it should finish.I come a small country called fiji we have many fans of avatar.If the creators raed this please email me at black_hearts23@hotmail.com i can speak out 4 every1 who wants a book 4.

Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2008 5:02PM EDT

The people who come up with this stuff are artists. You don't just get to tell them what to do. They don't owe you anything for being fans of their work. It's really lame that you guys talk about how Avatar was so great but then you act like you know better than the artists who created it. You keep making your little petitions if you want, I guess, but it won't matter. If it's meant to be, there'll be another chapter. If not, then just shut up and appreciate what you already have. Stop acting like you know something.

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