'Big Brother 12' Season 12, Episode 27 Recap

Things have gone really funky in the scheduling of the last week of 'Big Brother 12.' Tonight, a Wednesday, was a "live" eviction show that wasn't live at all. Thursday night will be a live show, but a good portion of it will be previously taped.

It's enough to make a certain hamster scratch his head and ask, "Huh? Duh ... did I miss something? Is this something new?" Yes, Lane, it's new. Of course, the ditz music has to be playing during his response.

Tonight's not-live show featured Julie Chen and a live audience, but it was taped on Tuesday evening. This whole charade just isn't cool. The live feeds have been blocked since early Tuesday, yet Showtime aired blocked (but non-eventful) footage last night. Unless I missed it, there was no mention during tonight's CBS episode that the eviction wasn't live. Stop messing with us, 'Big Brother'! If folks don't have the Internet, they're going to bed thinking the final three are still swinging on vines.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here. The vines don't come into play until the end of the show. Before that, we had lots of taped bits that were known taped bits -- as opposed to the "pseudo-live" eviction and the HoH competition start. Britney, no doubt doomed with the Brigade numbers against her, tried her best to fit in with the boys while Hayden and Enzo grew suspicious of the Lane and Britney relationship. Enzo once again made all kinds of plans for when he actually wins a competition. Okay, he won one before, but that was by quick sheer brute force, not due to brains or endurance.

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