'The Vampire Diaries' Videos: More Flashbacks to 1864

If you enjoyed all the shocking twists in last week's episode, then you'll love what The Vampire Diaries has in store for you in "Children of the Damned," an installment where we go back in time yet again. After all, any flashback episode involving vampires is just plain fun to watch.

Evidently, 1864 was the year that started it all. We'll learn why Damon hates Stefan so much that he promised him a lifetime of misery and told him that he's just keeping his word during the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries. We'll also get to see the time when Damon and Stefan are still brothers and witness what drove them apart for the first time. Of course, it's safe to assume that Katherine plays a big role in all this so expect to see a lot of Nina Dobrev with fangs too.

If that's not enough, The Vampire Diaries will also introduce Damon and Stefan's father Giuseppe Salvatore, played by none other than Dexter's James Remar.

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