The Vampire Diaries: Elena's Mother of a Problem

The Vampire Diaries had a ton of huge twists and revelations in the latest episode, including several new vampires who are just as interested in opening Katherine's Tomb as Damon is. But perhaps the most surprising twist came when Aunt Jenna realized that Isobel, Alaric Saltzman's wife who was killed by Damon, is Elena's mother.

This curveball complicates matters on The Vampire Diaries by a lot, adding to the intense soap opera-style storylines. It adds plenty of layers to the series. Stefan tried to save Elena's parents while Damon killed one. Just when Damon was starting to seem like a good guy, this horrible act is made even worse. And most importantly, the revelation of Elena's mother adds about a thousand questions into the mix.

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Feb 3, 2010 7:48AM EST

I thought it was a bit annoying that Jenna all of a sudden knows Alaric's wife was the mother. I mean, she probably is, but for Jenna to know is a bit unrealistic (Yes I see that the show itself is not very realistic but still.) She is probably not the only woman in the world whose name is Isobel. Still a great show, but it didn't make sense for Jenna to just instantly know that it was her.

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