Erica Durance Spills Some 'Smallville' Secrets

Seeing the highly anticipated return of Smallville last week, we know things will get even better. The big TV event "Absolute Justice" is already on its way, so a few days of waiting will be all it takes. But there's going to be more to come for this season of the long-running CW series, and Erica Durance has some details to spill.

Talking to AOL TV, the actress we best know as Lois Lane on the show divulged what's coming for the remaining episodes of Smallville. There's plenty to tell, from her scenes on "Absolute Justice" to possibly knowing about Clark's (Tom Welling) secret.

Possible spoilers below!

First off, we heard about Pam Grier's guest stint on "Absolute Justice" as the villain Amanda Waller. Apparently, she'll be sending Lois a mysterious package from Checkmate.

"[T]hey've introduced the fact that Amanda Waller has found Lois out of everyone because of how tenacious she is as a journalist," Erica Durance revealed. "And says that she will be in contact with her."

She went on to talk about the big event, which will air this Friday. "I think the fans will be really excited with all the introductions of these great superheroes," Durance continued. "And the whole point of it, really, is to continue on with this great storyline that they're doing, but also to show that other side of Clark and give them that window into learning more about him and his heroic side."

But one side of the story we've been waiting for is the time Lois finds out about what Clark's been hiding from her all these years. Even Erica Durance is wondering.

"That's kind of one of those existential questions," she said "Does she ever know? Does she know deep down? Who knows? I ask myself that all the time. I don't know what they have planned for me."

But as of now, the Smallville actress is pleased with how things are going between her character and Tom Welling's. "I like the secret. It keeps it interesting," she exclaimed. "There's got to be somebody that is in his camp, that is supportive, whether he tells the truth to her or not."

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