The Hills: Kristin Cavallari Swears Low Ratings Not Her Fault

After several fans and critics believed that the Lauren Conrad departure and Kristin Cavallari arrival became the reason for The Hills' ratings dip, the star of the show disagreed. Will we ever get to the bottom of this mystery, or is it even worth solving?

E! News talked to Cavallari during the Rock the Kasbah charity gala in Hollywood and asked her how the show is doing now that she's headliner. Apparently, she denied the belief that the weak performance of The Hills is all because of her.

The former Laguna Beach star explained that to her, The Hills "is the No. 1 show and we are doing really well." She probably isn't that aware of how the show's measuring up these days. It's actually down by around 30 percent overall this season, ever since her appearance.

Kristin Cavallari couldn't accept it, and even gave out her reasons. When told about the statistics, she replied: "No, they are not! We had one drop because of the Hip Hop awards on VH1, but then they went up the next week."

Though plenty of fans have given up on The Hills because of her, Kristin says she's not the only one who should be blamed. There are certainly other members of the cast, who may be the cause of the ratings droop.

"At the end of the day it's not up to me to make a great TV show," she said. "It's the whole crew, the whole cast. It's not just on me. I think to put all that pressure on me is pretty unfair."

That may be the case, but she's currently the focus of the series. Maybe we should all just give it time, or give someone else a chance under the spotlight. Then again, the rest of the Hills cast are already planning on leaving the show to pursue their own careers. When that happens, it's really just Kristin who'll be left and she can't exactly point the blame on others then, can she?

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