Smallville Season 9, Episode 9: "Pandora" - Recap

Kicking off where last week's episode left off, Lois is running out of time. Oliver has called in doctors from all over the world, but suddenly, the patient zero is missing. Clark arrives only to discover that Ollie believes Chloe and Dr. Emil are behind Lois' disappearance.

The Green Arrow is wrong though, as we find Lois being dragged down a hall and placed into a memory retriever device on Tess' orders. Tess is trying to find out what happens to Lois when she went missing. Tess and Stewart are able to catch a few fragments of Lois' memories, including the vision of Zod's solar tower. Tess concludes that Lois has been to the future.

Flashing back to when Lois jumped ahead in time during the season finale, Lois finds herself alone in the Daily Planet. There's an inch of dust on her desk, meaning no one has been there for ages. Heading outside, Lois discovers that Metropolis is deserted and the sun burns red.

A Kandorian flies down to her side. Seeing that she's bleeding, he realizes she's a "filthy human." Lois is in a zone that's off limits to her kind. Her attempts at getting answers are fruitless and she tries to run. When the Kandorian stops her, she says the Red Blue Blur will stop him. "Not under a red sun," he retorts. The Blur is useless, and his destroyed shirt waves like a flag of proof from a light post.

Back to the present, Tess decides to sync her brain waves with Lois in order to find out what the future holds. Jumping back to Lois' memories, the dynamic reporter wakes up in the Kent family barn, which has turned into a prison. Trying to find food, Lois approaches Alia, the Ninja-like Kandorian. Bargaining, Clark steps in and offers his father's watch in exchange for her freedom.

Once Alia is gone, Clark exclaims "I thought I lost you forever." Clark breaks the news to her that this isn't a dream. They really have been invaded by aliens. He details how he had tried to fight Zod, but made all the wrong choices. A lot of people died, but no one is clear on if Chloe is alive or not. We discover that Lois vanished one year prior to their current predicament. She is pulled away, however, as Zod requests an audience with her.

In the present, Clark shows up to the Watch Tower accusing Chloe of hiding Lois. Chloe explains to Clark that Tess is running tests on Lois and if they don't her soon, the PTSD of her trip to the future may bring her early demise.

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