Did The Moment Come In Too Late?

Like what Oscar said before, this season of The Amazing Race has been mostly blah for me. The difference is, I skipped a couple of seasons before returning for the last season that aired over the fall--that's when my life got in the way. Anyway, this season did face some of the problems that other reality shows don't face: a lack of personalities, and perhaps, a lack of imagination regarding tasks. Sure, some of this season's challenges felt too easy--singing inside a karaoke cab for what seemed like forever was easier than Phil Keoghan would've wanted--but most importantly, there was nobody to hate. The potential characters were either tossed off too early, or were very likable (see Mike and Mel), or were just unusually unlucky (Christie and Jodi made some crucial misses despite selling their travel industry experience, for instance). So, overall, blah, but still watchable.

And then there was last Sunday's episode, with "the most memorable pit stop ever," or something like it. Of course, it's the feud between Margie and Luke, and Kisha and Jen, one founded on what happened the week before, and one that was intensified when things got a little too physical. It's a surprise, actually. Luke, who was born deaf, was basically the guy who couldn't do no harm, and it felt that way, in the many times we've seen him communicate, albeit exasperatedly sometimes, with his mother. Jen, on the other hand, was one-half of a sleeper team--I never did have an opinion of them, and I probably wouldn't care if they got eliminated.

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