'More to Love': Melissa and Lauren are sent home

The Other night on "More to Love," Melissa gets made to feel special and beautiful... and is sent home to cry in her pillow. Also: Lauren the crazy witch is gone too!

We're down to 8 girls tonight and we kick it off with a special task where the girls vote on who would be a good wife for Luke and who would be a bad wife for Luke. They are given disks that say good on one side and bad on the other. Awesome.

Kristian gets almost unanimous "bad wife" votes and she cries because everyone thinks she's cray-cray. Heather gets all "good wife" votes... except from Lauren. Of course. Because Lauren is a huge bitch who will only say "good" for herself. Lauren says she's a better wife already without being married. What does that even MEAN? She says these girls can't even cook a pizza in the microwave, so how are they ready to take care of a man and children.

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