'The Closer': Brenda, Charlie and the big betrayal

Brenda is good at all sorts of things ... well, ok, make that exceedingly good at one thing: solving crime. But this episode of "The Closer" makes a persuasive case that she knows nothing about parenting a teenager -- or acceptable behavior.

Brenda is in the midst of chewing out Charlie for the pot brownie incident when they're interrupted by panicked people fleeing. Someone is shooting in a parking lot. Brenda tells Charlie to stay in the car and goes to investigate. She finds one boy dead, another wounded and hiding under a car. Then she hears footsteps and swings around -- and almost shoots Charlie, who decided to bring Brenda her bag. Charlie! Next time, Brenda, you cuff her in the car.

Brenda rides in the ambulance with Jake, the survivor she found under the car, and has an officer bring Charlie there. After Charlie disappears again -- she went to the bathroom (the nerve of that child!) -- Brenda decides to teach her a lesson: Charlie's job is to stay at the hospital waiting for news of Jake, who's still in surgery. She's to call Brenda as soon as Jake wakes up. Except... oops, Brenda confiscated Charlie's phone. Fortunately, Charlie is very much of Brenda's line: She lies to the hospital that she's Jake's sister, and lies to Jake that she's a youth volunteer. Which is how Charlie comes to be ensconced in Jake's room, hanging out and chatting away, while everyone else just sort of waits.

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