'The Secret Life of the American Teenager': The high school battle

Just when I thought everything was going my way on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," Ashley trotted out her little plan to end the newly reforming relationship between Anne and George. Did she think she could put her mom back with David and get a car of her own?

How dare Ashley come out against me on the Anne and George issue? How dare she? She's a teenager, nothing more. I'm an adult, she needs to listen to her elders and if her parents can't put her in her place I'm sure going to try - I just don't know how yet.

I wonder if Ashley's nefarious plans had more to do with her wanting a dog than anything else. Either that, or Ashley just didn't want to move back into the old house. Boy was I happy that her little plan amounted to nothing more than a date between her parents. Score another point for the good guys!

I like that Ruben was the voice of reason with Adrian tonight, it's too bad that the girl was so far off her rocker that it made no difference. I see her point of view, and Adrian wasn't in the wrong, but not being in the wrong is not the same as not having to apologize. If Adrian honestly wants to continue to be with Ricky in the future and Ricky doesn't want to end up in court, Adrian needs to be nice to Amy. And there's no way Ricky should've threatened the court thing at the end of the episode tonight, he's going to regret that.

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