Recap: "Crazy in Love"

Whoever said hiring a friend at work was a good idea obviously never dealt with a Pratt. After Lauren hooked her girl Stephanie up with an internship at People's Revolution, Stephanie proved what a poor decision that really was. First she leaves her drink out on the counter causing Kelly to go off on a mini rant about garbage, and then she asks rudimentary questions about packing up a box of clothes for Kelly's client. Stephanie then proceeds to hang up the phone on someone, and if that isn't bad enough, she isn't able to recall imputing pertinent info into Filemaker. When Lauren tells her she needs to start focusing at work, Stephanie is distracted and blames her dislike of confrontation. Lauren, rightfully so, tells Steph that she's not confronting her and reminds her that if this conversation were with Kelly instead, tears would be flowing.

Things are still rocky in Speidi-land. Spencer shows up to her office for a "quick conversation." He tries to tell her that he doesn't want to be locked down, but at the same rate, she doesn't have to worry about Stacie the bartender since he's only into blondes. She sticks to her ultimatum of seeing a therapist or the relationship is dunzo.

Meanwhile, Audrina and Justin are over, but, of course, they run into each other at the club that she, Lauren, Lo and Heidi's sister Holly are hanging at. Brody and Frankie are there as well and share their plans to take a guys' trip to Hawaii. The girls, of course, feel left out. Brody decides to give his old buddy Spencer a call and an invite him, but Spencer lies and says he can't talk because he's in Vegas. Heidi doesn't understand why he needs to make up a reason for not hanging with the boys. When they continue to bicker, they finally see a therapist named Dr. Mansbacher. I'll call her Dr. M for short.

At Dr. M's, Heidi says Spencer is having an emotional affair, and Spencer says she has no trust in him. That's when Dr. M says what we've all been thinking: "Sounds all really high school-ish to me." She asks Spencer to turn to Heidi and tell her something that he feels. So what does he say? "I feel like I'm in a nightmare." Heidi responds that he's emotionally checked out in a stripper hotel, and then therapist again hits the nail on the head when she asks, "Then what are you doing with him?" Seriously what is she doing with him?

Back to the Audrina/Justin saga. Apparently Audrina hasn't been looking for guys since they ended it and is content with being by herself for once. Perhaps she's just not content with JB's full-grown beard, but I digress. She calls him out for never making her feel special, but instead making her feel crazy. When he claims she is crazy, she tells him that she's "crazy in love with someone who doesn't care." The next day Audrina, Lauren and Lo discuss the situation and Brody's trip comes up in the conversation. Audrina goes on a little too long about how great he is which makes Lo tell her she's, like, totes going to hook up with him. They decide that they should go on a little trip to Hawaii of their own - why should the boys have all the fun? Lauren says, "No drama, famous last words."

Do you think Audrina and Brody should hook up?

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